Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Teaching Goals

I have many plans for teaching my grandchildren.  Here you will find a partial  list of the many hopes and wishes for my lovely grandchildren's education.
What I hope to instill in my students: devotion, faith, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, respect, kindness, responsibility, strength, happiness, love, morals, patience,  sharing, and self esteem. (not in any specific order)
I hope to teach in this first year: comprehension, identification, sorting, counting, phonetics, rhythm, reading, and science concepts.
We will learn through,: books, games, instruction, hands on activities, practice and field trips.
I look forward to learning right along with my grandchildren. I will be sharing  lesson plans, our fun filled days, and any other learning experience we have along the way.


Dzoli said...

Present in the classroom.I am sure we can learn a lot here.And looking forward to it.Always respect people with life experience .They have so much to teach us;)

robin said...

Linked over from Grandma Bonnie's Closet, I look forward to seeing your posts. I'm currently homeschooling my two year old. We opted for ballet lessons instead of traditional preschool, so I need lots of ideas! My experience is with teaching third graders, not two year olds. Ha!