Monday, September 26, 2011

Preschool Lesson: Learning About Plants

This week we are learning about plants. We will discuss trees, flowers, grass and seeds.

1. For our first lesson we will look at book about plants. We will talk about the plants we can eat and the plants that we don't eat. We are going to discuss where different fruits and vegetables come from. ( Such as apples grow on trees,  potatoes and carrots grow under the soil, and berries grow on bushes.

2. Next we are going to look at different seeds. We will cut open fruits and vegetables to collect seeds.
We will glue the seeds on a coloring page under the plant they came from.

3. After Our seed lesson we will grow some bean seeds in a jar and watch the seed grow. We will identify the roots, stem and leaves.

4. For our art this week we will make some interesting plant crafts.

5. Last we hope to harvest some grapes and visit a pumpkin farm.

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