Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preschool Lesson: Learning Color Names

Pooh Bear is going to be working on naming colors this week. Usually parents teach their child colors by pointing to an object and asking, What color is this? This is an easy way to teach colors and I am all for this method. It works well while out on a walk or when we are shopping. I have decided we need to add some fun to the mix and create some color games.  Here are a few of the games we will be playing.

1. Finger painting! This might be a little messy but, it is sure to be fun, fun, fun! While painting we will point out the colors and maybe even mix a few to see what happens. When starting out we plan to stick with three colors and then add new colors as the week progresses.

2. Color fishing game.  Cut out colored fish from construction paper and put a paper clip on the fish. Tie a string to a Popsicle stick or  a craft stick. Then tie or tape a magnet to the end of the string. Now you are ready to go fishing. I am going to ask the colors as Pooh Bear catches the fish and then have him sort them by color once he is done fishing.

3, Sorting colored blocks in to baskets.

4. Color matching game. Cut out two rectangles of each color from construction paper. Lay them out mixed well and ask the child to match the colors. Once Pooh Bear understands the concept I will add backing to the cards and flip them over color face down and he can learn the rules of  a regular matching card game.

We will be working on the primary colors red, yellow and blue this week. As we progress on we will add more colors into the mix. I hope to find a few more fun color activities along the way.  I also plan to use some coloring pages from First-School Preschool/Colors in Preschool.

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I love the ideas of color. They say kids learn better from activities rather than a book at a young age. I love it.