Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun With Shapes

Our shape projects have kept us busy. We made sugar cookie cut out shapes. Then we made a simple construction paper shapes puzzle.  We included a shape lunch for fun.

Our fun shape lunch.
Toasted cheese on wheat toast squares.
Apple triangle slices.
Steamed carrot circles with shredded cheese.
( For young toddlers the carrots and apples should be cut in half to prevent choking.)


Steph said...

What fun ideas you had to incorporate shapes into their day! The shapes cookies must have been a big hit -- it usually is in our house! :) Thanks for stopping by today. Looking forward to following you in the future and grabbing some of your fun ideas!

Veronica Lee said...

How creative and fun! You are one awesome grandma!!

Happy Friday!

Dzoli said...

Baking cookies and learning:)Life is so godo when you see the happy faces here;)

zaylyn said...

That's neat. I love the ideas and following this blog.

Lori said...

You are so creative!!

Michelle said...

Very cute ideas! Love the fun shape lunch!