Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Schedule

I would like to share a sample of the preschool schedule I have been working on. Our schedule is not set in stone.  It is used as a guide line so I am able to keep track of our time spent learning. I am hoping to be able to use this schedule with all of my grandchildren in the near future. Since my grandchildren fall into two age groups I have made the schedule to work with both age groups.

*Morning devotional
*Free time ( any quiet, non messy activity, coloring, block play,  puzzles, educational DVDs )                
*Story time-( two stories one the child picks the other mom picks )15 to 20 minutes
*Writing practice- ( alphabet letters, name, child's address, sight words) 2 workbook pages
*Music- (Finger plays, nursery rhymes, play with music makers) 15 to 20 minutes
*Math - ( identify & write numbers, number games, shape sorting, simple math) 2 workbook pages
*Nap time/Quiet time- ( sorting, stringing beads, puzzles, books,  other educational toys)
*Reading practice ( sight word identification, basic readers) 20 minutes
*Arts and crafts-( color identification, painting, gluing. scissors practice) 20 to 30 minutes Monday and Wednesday
*Science- ( science books, nature DVDs, growing seeds, other projects) 20 to 30 minutes Tuesday and Thursday
*Homemaking ( cooking, baking, measuring, sewing projects, special chores) Friday.
*Nature walk 30 to 60 minutes Three days a week weather permitting
*Dance, Soccer or Gymnastics once a week

Our lessons also include a letter and number of the week. I plan each week around a specific theme. The theme  helps to decide what stories we are reading and what art or science project to work on.
I also print out coloring and activity  pages that are related to our weekly theme.

When we have outside appointments or other scheduled activities we work around our schedule and keep the important learning tasks such as reading, writing and math.

Free time and Nap time is used for Grandma or mom to do house work, read, blog, or any other needed task.

I welcome any suggestions for an improved version of this schedule.


zaylyn said...

I like this schedule. I want to write it out and hang it up. I will probably tweak it a little to our needs. Thanks for this!

Dzoli said...

I can not add any better shedule to this but i can certainly add something from yoursa to mine;) Thanks;)

Mrs. Liberty said...

Great schedule.