Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Preschool Lesson: Learning Shapes

This week our theme is Shapes Around Us. We will be focusing on the three basic shapes. Triangle, square, and circle. (For older preschoolers we can add more shapes such as the rectangle, star, diamond, octagon and crescent. )
Our letter of the week is A. We have just started to identify the letters of the alphabet. I will have some coloring pages and tracing pages for each letter we are learning. (For the older preschooler we can practice writing our name and address.)

Our number of the week is 1(one). I plan to teach both the numeral and written form of each number.
(For the older preschooler we should be working with numbers up to 20 and we can teach the concepts larger and smaller.)

For our arts and crafts we will create some fall artwork that include our shapes theme.

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Dzoli said...

We at the moment paly with wooden blocks which i both the whole bag full for 3 NZ$ in teh trift shops.We build all kind of stuff and learn shapes that way ..and colours;)